To use Innmenu server application for your restaurant you need to have installed Adobe AIR

Click Here to download free version of server

InnMenu Basic server free v0.6.09


Limitations of the free version is that can accept a maximum of 2 connections. The application is still in beta.


How to install and configure InnMenu server

On your device go into Settings, then click on the General tab. Here are all the settings for connecting to the server.

  • Step 1 – set IP address:
    • If the server has started, and your network allows UDP packets, press “Detect” button and after a few moments you can see some IP address in left field.

      Restaurant menu server settings

      Restaurant menu server settings

    • if the server is not automatically detected, or you have more than one server on the same network, you need to manually enter the IP address of the server. You can find all server addresses if you look at server title bar.
  • Step 2 – Connect: After you’ve set address, click “Connect” and if everything is ok application will connect to the server and change the status button to the “Connected”.

    Restaurant menu server connected

    Restaurant menu server connected

Old server versions (not works with newest application):

InnMenu Basic server free v0.4.2

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